Web2py / Apache – admin disabled because no admin password

If you are running Web2py on Apache and get this error message when you try to log into the admin interface (/admin):


admin disabled because no admin password


Then you may have forgotten to provide a password during set-up and will have to provide one now to proceed to the admin screens.


To do this you need to can do the following:


Stop Apache:
apachectl -k stop
cd to the web2py directory and run specifying a new password (greater than 4 characters long?) like this:
sudo python -a the_new_passsword
Then kill the web2py, e.g. via ctrl-c, and then copy to, like this:
sudo cp
Restart the apache server:
sudo apachectl -k restart
After doing all of this when you visit /admin you should be asked to provide your password and you should be able to login – well it worked for me anyway! ;-)


Web2py and Apache running on Raspberry Pi

As part of my smart-cam simulation project I have installed web2py and Apache on a Raspberry Pi, the idea here is to simulate the ARM platform on which the smart-cam web UI software will eventually run by using the Pi until the real hardware is sorted out and available. This will allow me to do some proof-of-concept software development sooner rather than later.


I was expecting a difficult enough install but it turned out to be very easy, I just executed the automated set-up script that is documented here, under the section called ‘One step production deployment’ (ubuntu).


To summarise the steps, with the Pi connected to the network, open a terminal window and execute the following:


chmod +x
sudo ./


Running took a good while (15 mins?), but when it was complete I was immediately able to view the web2py welcome page from another computer on the network!