Ridge Solution’s experience in the many and various aspects of Software product development and technology across a variety of business domains places us in a very good position to help out other software engineering teams when they may need a little extra help every now and again.


Areas where we have been useful in the past include:

Design and Specification Review – Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes and different perspective can make all the difference at the all important planning stage.

Software Performance Analysis and Optimisation– We have quite a lot of experience in getting a high level of both time and resources performance from software systems. If possible performance considerations should be built in at design time, but a lot can normally be done to improve the performance of exisiting systems.

Dealing with Legacy Systems – Inter-working with Legacy Systems can be especially challenging but can rarely be avoided, developers normal dislike this aspect of their work. Ridge Solutions has a lot of experience of working with and interfacing to Legacy Systems. We have ‘come out the other side’ and now quite enjoy it.

Expert Trouble Shooting – Every now again a big problem comes along, and just at the worst time too! Often the cause can be very elusive and confound the development team, we have had considerable success in tracking down and fixing such problems.

Facilitating Outsourcing– More and more software development activities are being outsourced and off-shored this puts extra demands on the specification and communication of the project’s requirements and design. We can help to ease this transition.


So if you feel that our Software Engineering consultancy service could be of use to you, please feel free to call or email us.