Ridge Solutions believes that there is no one ‘best’ language, tool or technology, instead the best choice is the one that best fits the job at hand. However, here are some that tend to crop up time and time again:


Programming Languages – C, C++, C#, Java, VB6, Perl, Assembly language


CMS – Drupal, WordPress, Expression Engine.

eCommerce – osCommerce, Magento. 

Desktop UI Development – .NET, MFC.

Mobile Development – .NET Compact Framework, J2ME.

Databse – Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL.

XML – XML Schema, XSLT & XSL, XPath, DOM, SAX.

Scripting – Perl, Bash, VB Script, Java Script.

Graphics Programming – OpenGL, OpenGL Shading Language, Direct Draw.

UML – Rational Rose, Visio.

Test – nUnit, Rational Robot.

Version Control – Subversion, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, Rational Clearcase.

Mathematical Analysis – Mathlab.

Web Development – .ASP .Net, PHP, Flash/AS3.