The software services that we offer fall into three categories, click on a category to find out more.



We believe that the secret to the development of successful software lies in focusing on the need that gave rise to it in the first place, we try not to just get all caught up and lost in the process of creating that software. This is why we are as happy and proud to work on a Perl script as we are designing and implementing a large complex system; although the technical scope may be smaller, very often the client’s need is just as pressing.




Tools, Languages & Technologies


We are not zealous proponents of one software language, tool or technology over another – we simply use the most appropriate for the job at hand. In some cases this choice many be mandated by the client, while in others the choice will be made in order to achieve a ‘best fit’ with the overall project requirements. We believe it is possible to carry out high quality software engineering irrespective of the choice of software language and tools, we do not simply prefer one over the other, however here are a few that we often work with…




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