Web2py / Apache – admin disabled because no admin password

If you are running Web2py on Apache and get this error message when you try to log into the admin interface (/admin):


admin disabled because no admin password


Then you may have forgotten to provide a password during set-up and will have to provide one now to proceed to the admin screens.


To do this you need to can do the following:


Stop Apache:

cd to the web2py directory and run web2py.py specifying a new password (greater than 4 characters long?) like this:

Then kill the web2py, e.g. via ctrl-c, and then copy parameters_8000.py to parameters_443.py, like this:

Restart the apache server:

After doing all of this when you visit /admin you should be asked to provide your password and you should be able to login – well it worked for me anyway! ;-)