Simple Wrapper of boost::asio for receiving UDP datagrams

More easily receive UDP Data via boost::asio providing just IP address and port umber.

The boost::asio classes provide a cross platform way to communicate via UDP without having to use the raw socket libraries, however they can be confusing and hard to use do to their designed-in flexibility.

Sometimes I just want to provide an IP address and a port number and just receive messages so I have written a wrapper class called boost_udp_receive_rar which can be found on GitHub here.

It has 4 functions that allow you to receive string or binary messages in a synchronous or asynchronous manner, for example to receive ASCII string data:

#include "boost_udp_send_faf.h"
#include <thread>
// Setup a receiver, specifying IP address and port
// Note the IP address is that of the receiving network
// interface.  As always with UDP and non-standard ports
// check that a firewall isn't blocking data transfer.
boost_udp_receive_rar rar("", 8861);
// Receive a datagram synchronously as a string
std::string datagram = rar.receive_sync();
std::count << "received: " << datagram << std::endl;
// Asynchronously receive a datagram as a string
// We loop calling receive_async() until it returns
// a non-empty string. receive_async() returns quickly
// and we can do other work (or other async reads on different
// ports) while we wait for somethign to arrive.

do {
    datagram = rar.receive_async();
    // Do other stuff
    // Better do a little sleep to be nice to the
    // CPU
} while (datagram.empty());
std::count << "received: " << datagram << std::endl;

For an easier way to send UDP data see: boost_udp_send_faf