Python & Web2py for Smart Camera user interface?

I am currently in the planning phase of the software build for a new machine vision smart camera. The camera will have an ARM soft core and will run linux. Part of the planning involves thinking about a user interface to control and configure the camera – at the moment I am leaning towards an HTML5 based interface built using python, web2py (or flask) along with a twitter bootstrap based theme.


I did briefly toy with the idea of bringing node.js into the mix, but I just can’t bring myself around to the idea, I have a love hate relationship with javascript, that sometimes leans more to the ‘hate’ end of the spectrum!


Now here’s the fun bit – I don’t yet have my hands on the camera hardware so I think I will try to run up a proof of concept on my raspberry-pi!


Although the pi will be a good bit less powerful than the smart cam it should provide a useful reference point…


Put this little fella to work!