Web2py and Apache running on Raspberry Pi

As part of my smart-cam simulation project I have installed web2py and Apache on a Raspberry Pi, the idea here is to simulate the ARM platform on which the smart-cam web UI software will eventually run by using the Pi until the real hardware is sorted out and available. This will allow me to do some proof-of-concept software development sooner rather than later.


I was expecting a difficult enough install but it turned out to be very easy, I just executed the automated set-up script that is documented here, under the section called ‘One step production deployment’ (ubuntu).


To summarise the steps, with the Pi connected to the network, open a terminal window and execute the following:


wget http://web2py.googlecode.com/hg/scripts/setup-web2py-ubuntu.sh
chmod +x setup-web2py-ubuntu.sh
sudo ./setup-web2py-ubuntu.sh


Running setup-web2py-ubuntu.sh took a good while (15 mins?), but when it was complete I was immediately able to view the web2py welcome page from another computer on the network!

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  1. dragan gago babic
    dragan gago babic says:

    well on rasbian not working besause apache 2.2 is now 2.4 and the .sh is need to modify.

  2. Aydin
    Aydin says:

    What do you modify in .sh file? Web2py does not run on startup for me, but when I do service web2y stop and then service web2py start it starts.

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