IE8 / .change() jQuery event not firing

This one catches me out time after time and I always forget how to get around it – so I am writing it down this time. Developing software to run well on multiple browsers is actually not that difficult until, that is, good old IE is thrown into the mix! ;-)


The problem is that in Internet Explorer, the .change() event on radio buttons doesn’t get fired properly, or at least it doesn’t behave the same was as it does in the other browsers – it’s a real pain!


There is however a relatively easy way to get around the problem, that is to handle the radio’s .click() event, and then, just .blur() and .focus() the radio control – this will cause the change() event to be fired:

$(document).ready(function() {
  $('#my-radio-container input:radio').click(function () {
        // Cause the change() event
        // to be fired in IE8 et. al.
  $('#my-radio-container input:radio').change(function() {
    // Handle .change() event as normal....

Remember to replace #my-radio-container with an appropriate selector for your HTML.


I am not sure why it works exactly….. but it works well for me!

Problem Debugging ASP with VS2005 and IE8

I was making some mods to an old ASP .NET web app today when I discovered that I could no longer properly debug it – when I started the debugger, VS2005 would launch IE8 and load the app but would then just detach and exit debug mode!  I have been running IE8 for a few months now and figured that the problem might have something to do with IE8 and sure enough it did!!


I found this excellent post which details a simple fix for the problem – I can now happily debug again!  It seems that the fix prevents IE8 from spreading itself across multiple processes this was confusing the poor VS2005 debugger..