DevOps Ireland

DevOps in Ireland? I have been very interested in DevOps ever since I watched Adam Jacob give his ChefConf 2015 keynote speech. I wondered if there are any Irish DevOps groups and a little digging revealed:

Twitter Account: @DevOpsIreland
Website (Empty!):
LinkedIn Group: DevOps Ireland must be taking the iterative approach seriously as rev 1.0 of the website is up there alright…. but it’s empty! ;-)

Fascinating DevOps Talk

While browsing The Register, I came across this video Adam Jacob’s keynote speech at ChefTalk 2015 where he introduced DevOps, it’s fascinating stuff and well worth a watch!

What interests me is how methods of software development and deployment are changing so quickly and how this is bringing in new ideas and talent beyond that of the traditional small pool of software developers and engineers.