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PCL C2988 unrecognizable template declaration/definition Visual Studio 2017

If you get this compile error: Error C2988 unrecognizable template declaration/definition When you: #include from the Point Cloud Library (PCL) in Visual Studio 2017, then either throw the following in before the #include, like this: // #define BOOST_TYPEOF_EMULATION #include or upgrade your version of Visual Studio 2017 (I haven’t tested this yet myself!) Not sure […]

Have ExifTool Display Maker Notes

Phil Harvey’s ExifTool is a fantastic software tool for displaying and interacting with image Exif data, however by default it doesn’t display maker notes and I always forget the command line options to persuade it to list them, so here it is – the -u option gets exiftool to display ‘unknown’ tags and theses include […]

I2C1_Wr / I2C1_Rd functions hang with MikroC for PIC – Need Timeout

In some cases both the MikroC i2c functions I2C1_Wr() and I2C1_Rd() can hang or lockup indefinitely until the PIC is reset. This can happen if the I2C bus isn’t properly terminated, for example if a connection breaks or similar (broken wire or solder joint etc). Having your PIC lockup during operation is generally not very […]

New batteries for my Casio fx-580

The Software Engineer’s mate – a really good scientific calculator, I have just refreshed the batteries in my Casio fx-580, I still haven’t found as good a calculator even though it of 80’s vintage! The keys are a bit ‘yellowed’ now, bit otherwise its powering along.

It’s Chef Factor Time Again!

Cully&Sully’s Chef Factor is Back! The first prize is a 12 week cookery course in Ballymaloe worth €12,000, so if you fancy your hand at cooking up a storm check out all of the details along with the current entries here: http://www.cheffactor.ie/  

New Website

Well here we are, on the road – the new website is being born.  It has started off looking a little ‘catty’ but that will change!  WordPress is the engine, and so far I am very happy with what can be achieved with a minimum of fuss!  Although be very careful not to copy & […]