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Pylon EnumerateDevices() not finding Basler GigE cameras

I hit a problem recently whereby CTlFactory::EnumerateDevices() would not find my connected Balser cameras while Pylon Viewer would find and connect to them OK.  On investigation I discovered that if WiFi was enabled on the host, then the GigE Vision Device discovery broadcast messages would not be sent over GigE to the cameras.  With WiFi […]

Fixed – KDevelop not stopping at breakpoints on Ubuntu Mate

I couldn’t get KDevelop to stop at breakpoints even on simple ‘hello world’ C++ projects. It appeared that CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE was being correctly set and GDB worked fine from the command-line, but from within kdevelop breakpoints were never respected! I think the problem stemmed from the Cache Value for CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE being empty, this value can be […]

Visual Studio Paho MQTT Error C2238 unexpected token(s) preceding ‘;’

If you’re receiving errors like the following when trying to build a project in Visual Studio 2017 using the Paho C client: Error C2238 unexpected token(s) preceding ‘;’ Then there is a quick fix, the problem seems to revolve around the following for DLLImport & DLLExport in the Paho header files: #if defined(WIN32) || defined(WIN64) […]

PCL Octree Cheat Sheet

The point cloud library (PCL) is a fantastic resource for working with point clouds, however it is a large library and it can take a while to effectively find your way around it. The octree construct is very useful for working with point clouds, but again it can take a while to learn how to […]