Accuracy of the various Windows software timers

This (admittedly quite old) article provides an interesting comparison of the accuracy of the various software timers available under windows, it looks like the Multimedia timers are still the best despite apparently being frowned upon my Microsoft.

I plan to trial camera acquisition using a software trigger, and in order to obtain as accurate and reliable a trigger as possible I want to get as close to a timer interrupt handler as windows will allow, in the hopes that it will be ‘good enough’ for my computer vision application. For a really reliable trigger time-base I normally use a hardware trigger generated by a micro-controller or similar, but this time as the timing constraints aren’t as onerous I have decided to see if I can get away without one, so we will see…. I guess I will have to test the various options and see which is best and if any of them are (generally) within spec..

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  1. Kevin Godden
    Kevin Godden says:

    Actually, scratch that, our timing constraints are too tight – will stick with a Hardware trigger!

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