Engineers Ireland Presidential Address – Software Engineering: how can we make it better?

Chris Horn will give the Engineers Ireland presidential address tomorrow at Clyde Road. The talk is entitled “Software Engineering: how can we make it better?” It is great to have Engineers Ireland address software engineering topics and Chris always has something interesting and worthwhile to say and he is a no-quibbles heavy weight in the Irish Software Industry!


Having said all this I can’t go as I have to mind the kids tomorrow evening, but I would love to hear how it goes if anybody would like to report back…

’25 Most Dangerous’ Programming Errors

The Register writes today about a new report which details the ’25 most dangerous’ programming errors – a list which was compiled by 30 organisations.  Very interesting indeed, nothing unexpected in the list really, but I reckon that a full review of it in the light of ongoing and recent project work could be very  worthwhile.


 It certainly calls into question the whole ‘if it builds, it works!’ paradigm of software development ;-)