Realex – Your transaction has been successful but there was a problem connecting back to the merchant’s web site

If your are trying to get realex e-payment integration working on your website and are getting the following message at the end of the realex redirect process:


Your transaction has been successful but there was a problem connecting back to the merchant’s web site. Please contact the merchant and advise them that you received this error message. Thank you.


Then the good news is that most of you integration is working and its just the very last step that’s failing, this means that you have sent to Realex correct values for: Merchant Id, Shared Secret, Account Id, Request URL etc. etc.


Now, nine times out of ten the above error is caused by a badly configured Return or Callback URL, this is a URL that you must tell Realex about by phone or email, Realex redirects back to this URL once the transaction is complete. So there are 3 possibilities why the redirect is failing:


1.) You haven’t yet told Realex what your return URL is. You need to find out what the URL should be and let Realex know, phoning them is often the most efficient route. The URL will depend on which CMS you are using etc. Ask Google for hints.


In ubercat you can get the URL by going to the Realex settings page (Store administration / Configuration / Payment settings / Overview / Payment Methods / Credit Card [realex] settings) and copying the URL from the ‘Realex Callback Page:’ field.


Details about the Magento return URL can be found here.


2.) You have told realex what the URL is but they forgot to configure your account or made a mistake while configuring it – this happens more often than you might think, phone up Realex and get them to confirm that the return URL is set correctly – double check the configured URL it in detail! Do you need to add or remove the www.?


Hopefully it is only a matter of short time before you get everything working as it should!


Realex & Magento – New Return URL for Payments Module v2.0

If you are hooking magento up to realex for payment on your eCommerce website then you will most likely be using the payments module kindly provided by StudioForty9 in Cork.


As part of configuring this you will need to tell realex what your cart’s ‘return URL’ is, this URL has changed since the introduction of the newer version of this module (v2.0) which it seems is for use with magneto v1.5 and greater. The new URL format for use with the newer module is:


In case you are still using the old module, the url format for that is: