IEEE has C as top Programming Language in 2016

The IEEE reports here that C is the number 1 programming language in 2016. As usual, I am slightly dubious about a lot of these rankings, each one seems to yield a different order. Still you would hope that the IEEE would employ a little more rigour than most! Funny thing is I just don’t see many of these C programmers about… Mind you I know one C programmer who personally outputs about 10 times the amount of code as most…

Friday – Programming in pure unadulterated C Today

Today I have the pleasure in programming in pure & unadulterated C, there is something really refreshing about the clean and minimal elegance of the language and its associated design principles, especially considering the weight of baggage the software engineering discipline has gathered of late – not bad for a rainy Friday!

2*c || !(2*c)

’25 Most Dangerous’ Programming Errors

The Register writes today about a new report which details the ’25 most dangerous’ programming errors – a list which was compiled by 30 organisations.  Very interesting indeed, nothing unexpected in the list really, but I reckon that a full review of it in the light of ongoing and recent project work could be very  worthwhile.


 It certainly calls into question the whole ‘if it builds, it works!’ paradigm of software development ;-)

New ‘Technical Backup’ Service for Web Designers

We are currently designing an new service offering, the details of which will be posted on our web page once they haven been finalised.


In summary we will be offering a novel development/engineering service to web design firms.  Often web design firms will not have the need for a full time technical person and then sometimes feel the heat when they need to get some programming work done in a hurry as part of a web project.  In these cases it makes sense to outsource the technical work, however the act of outsourcing can quickly become a headache especially if the individual programming tasks are relatively small but numerous (as they often are).  It would be nice to be able to pick up the phone and ask someone to do some work or solve a problem without any extra administrative overhead.


That’s where we come in, our service will allow our clients to block book a set of hours that then can be used or draw down as needed over a period of time, we will invoice at the end of the time period.  Any hours not drawn down will not be charged for!  This approach will hopefully afford our clients a fast and responsive technical service with a the minimum of management overhead.


The services offered will include the usual suspects:


Server Side – PHP, ASP, Perl, Adobe Flash/ActionScript, SOAP

Client Side – Java Script, VBScript

Database – DB Design & Programming, mySQL, MS SQL Server

XML – XML Format Design, XML Programming

Custom Content Management Systems, Server Configuration, SMS/Text Message Support, etc.