“You Irish, you very good at software” – Yes we are!

Micheál Martin’s recent rather amusing gaffe has left people in a lot of different emotional states ranging from the wringing of hands emotional state to the back-of-clasroom giggling emotional state – but what nobody seems to have taken from his statement is that it’s actually 100% correct:


We Irish _are_ very good at software!


Thanks for noticing Micheál!

Software Engineering Resources in Ireland

I am about to embark on a little research, I intend to compile a list of resources in Ireland for Irish Software Engineers and Developers. I want to include and bodies, websites, web forums etc. that provide a genuinly useful service to Developers and Engineers in their day-to-day work and in developing their careers in general.


I intend to steer clear of the large for-profit training outfits and that we all know and love and instead focus those resources that really have something useful to offer while not charging a small fortune (times being what they are).  I’ll be checking all around the country, not just in Dublin.


Once I have the list compiled I will post it here, in the mean time if you would like to suggest a resource please post it here or email it to me – Thanks!

Technical Support Service for irish Web Designers Launched

We have finally got around to launching our new Technical Support Service for Irish Web Designers – a service designed to take care of the occasional programming and enginering aspects of a Web Designer’s Web development work, leaving them free to concentrate on the actual Web Design and Delivery.


This is a local service provided by experts in Ireland – so fast response times with the minimum of  administrative overhead are guaranteed.  This service is designed to be as useful for very small tasks (perhaps just an hour’s duration) as it is to larger tasks.

More details can be found here…