Unsupported Operation. A document processed by the JRC engine cannot be opened in the C++ stack.

This is an inner exception that you may encounter with Crystal Reports, now it sounds rather bad, but its really just a badly named error – don’t panic (just yet anyway)!

More than likely it is caused because the reporting engine can’t load your report due to a spelling error in the report name or an incorrect path to the report file.

In my case the problem arose because the report was defined in a different project to where it was displayed, so I just added a post build step to one of the projects so that the report file (.rpt) was copied to the output bin directory on a successful build, and its all ok now!

Crystal Reports in WPF, which references do I need to add to my project?

In this software development game it can be hard to avoid developing reports, I haven’t had the need to use CrystalReports in many along year, but last year I had the misfortune of using Microsoft’s shoddy reporting services for a client and decided after that that I would try at all to avoid a repeat of the experience!

So here I am with SAP’s shiny Crystal Reports, so far so good, except for some slightly worrying bitness problems, I am developing on Windows 7 64bit targeting x86 and found that I _sometimes_ had to set my project’s build target to x86 (from AnyCPU) to avoid getting exceptions thrown like this:

With an inner exception like this:

Anyway back to the point of the post:

Which references need to be included in my WPF project?

There are millions of them to choose from and I hate having to add them all if I know they are not all required, so here’s what I found that you need at a minimum: