Dries on Drupal 8

Here is an interesting article about Dries’ vision for Drupal 8:


I like the focus on the editorial experience to help people mange content on-line, drupal is great CMS but it can sometimes be quite difficult for non webbies & techies to effectively manage the content on their drupal websites – in fact this really could have been given more attention in d7 (oh well)!


What is also interesting is the recognition that drupal has become more of a web platform than just a CMS alone – that’s how we use it!


Drupal wins best open source PHP CMS

Good news, this just out on the wire – Drupal has won ‘Best open source PHP Content Management System‘ for the second year running!  Congrats to our favourite CMS and thanks to all the many who volunteered their time to make it so great!

Flame by Design CMS website goes live

The new Flame By Design ( website has gone live.  We worked closely with Sinead at Pride Design to get it up and running.  It is another classic content managed drupal 6 website – setup so that the client can easily add and manage the product line up and associated data via a set of specially tailored administration menus.


We used the Dynamic Display Block module (ddblock) to present the alternating images on the home page and great use was made of drupal’s taxonomy system to organise and categorise the products. 


We wish Flame by Design all the best with their new website!

Custom CCK Input Form in Drupal

We are using good old Drupal and its Content Construction Kit (CCK) once again to create a custom CMS for our client. One of the things that usually completely mystifies me time and time again is how to customise a new content type’s add/edit form layout.  So, lest I forget again in the future, here’s a link to a good article on the subject: