Adare Bridal Website goes Live

Pride Design ( has put the new Adare Bridal ( website live.  Once again we have been working closely with pride on the development of this site.  The site is built using drupal 6 and uses custom CCK types and drupal views to model (pun intended) and display all those fantastic designers and their bridal gowns!


The site is a full CMS solution, the client can add, edit or remove content on the site including designers, dresses, special offers etc. by just logging in and using a simple content administration interface.

Custom CCK Input Form in Drupal

We are using good old Drupal and its Content Construction Kit (CCK) once again to create a custom CMS for our client. One of the things that usually completely mystifies me time and time again is how to customise a new content type’s add/edit form layout.  So, lest I forget again in the future, here’s a link to a good article on the subject: