Get the Subversion (SVN) URL for a file using Tortoise SVN?

How can I get the Subversion (SVN) URL for a single file using Tortoise SVN?

If you’re still rocking a venerable Subversion (SVN) repository to keep all of your software safe, then Tortoise SVN is a great user-interface to all of the SVN delights,  but how can you easily retrieve or copy an SVN URL to a single file in the repo?  I find that the easiest way to get an SVN URL to a folder is to right-click on the local folder and choose the ‘Repo-browser’ menu option, when the browser shows, the URL can be easily copied from the URL text box at the top of the browser screen.


Now, to get the URL for an individual file, just click on the file within the Repo-browser and it’s URL will be displayed in the URL box!


Get URL for single file in SVN


From here you can copy and paste to the heart’s content!