Interesting Analysis of the State of Microsoft’s Software Development Tools

The Register published an interesting article on the state of Microsoft’s software development tools today – it focuses on tools for developing desktop apps. Although well written, the article doesn’t make up-beat reading and is in fact quite depressing. WPF and related development tools have been let languish for so long now it is hard to see if it can be brought up to scratch in any reasonable time-frame….

I suppose the message is that things have moved on and that most apps that are consumed on the desktop, except in a few niche areas (machine vision being one of them?), will be delivered on the web via our new friends HTML5, javascript, angular.js et. al.

What do you think? Does Microsoft have the ability or the will to pull out of this nose dive? I hope they do as they have been leaders in this area before and it is a shame to see things decay….