Magento – Cannot set property ‘disabled’ of undefined error in one page checkout

We hit a strange Magento problem yesterday, on one of our sites the one page checkout stopped working. Once the various fields were filled out on the billing details pane and the ‘Continue’ button was pressed, then the checkout would not progress onto the next pane. Debugging on chrome showed that the following JavaScript error was occurring:


Uncaught Type Error: Cannot set property ‘disabled’ of undefined.


Googling the error produced some hits but no concrete solutions were offered, so we started switching things off one by one to see if we could get rid of the problem…


It turned out that removing the twitter feed from the footer fixed the problem…. who knows why, I’ll try to debug it tomorrow…


I hope this helps somebody in a similar situation.

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    • Kevin Godden
      Kevin Godden says:

      Hi, Thanks for your reply! This is still mostly unresolved for us. Removing the twitter feed fixed the problem but obviously the client likes the twitter feed and would prefer if it stayed. We tried to remove the twitter feed only on the checkout page while leaving it on all other pages but we are using a performance booster caching plugin which plays havoc with this plan!


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