Google APP Engine now supports Python 2.7

On Monday Google announced that their cloud platform, Google App Engine now fully supports Python 2.7 which is great news!


More details can be found here:


and here:


Python – Get Object’s Class Name

Q: How do I get a python object’s class name?


A: Use the object’s __class__ attribute and then get its __name__ attribute.


Another python introspection gem, to get an object’s class name just access its __class__ attribute, for example you can define a method to return the object’s name as follows:

def get_runtime_type_name(self):
  return self.__class__.__name__

Python – Get Name of Current Function

Q: How do I get the name of the current python function, I want to output its name as part of some logging information.


A: Just import the ‘inspect’ module and call its stack() method to get access to the call stack, for example, to get the name of the current function:



The first index indicates the stack position, so to get the name of the parent calling function use:



or to define a function that returns the name of the function from which it was called:


Introspection is one of the really cool features of modern software programming languages!