#GAE Development Server Hangs updating index.yaml

Since a recent Google App Engine SDK release ( 1.6.3?) the development server (localhost) has started appearing to hang every now and again this causes it to run very slowly. During the ‘hang’ the console output says that it’s updating index.yaml. Sometimes this ‘hang’ can last a few minutes, after a few minutes server will then continue to run as normal – it’s a real pain!


Google says that they will fix this problem in the next SDK release (1.6.5) but in the meantime there is a workaround, just empty out index.yaml and then the development server will stop trying to continually update it.


To do this either open it in an editor, delete its contents and save it, issue a command like this (when in the same directory):

echo ” > index.yaml

just remember not to commit your emptied index.yaml file back into your source code repository!