New Version of Google App Engine Relased

Google has released a new version its App Engine Software platform, the register writes about it here.


Of great interest to us is that the Blob Store API has been upgraded allow programmers to fully interact with blobs, previously data could only be written to a blob in the blobstore via a HTTP post, but now it seems data can be written to a blob, at will, directly from code – i.e. The blobstore API was more or less useless and now it should be useful! ;-)


Previously we had to design and implement our own BLOB storage mechanism on top of the Google Datastore to get around these limitations, so hopefully now such homegrown efforts will be no longer required….


Also a new unit test framwork for python has been added, we already happily use the GAE Unit framework on which it seems the new google framework is partly based.


It is great to see google push ahead and continue to support software developers by fixing up and improving their platform – keep up the good work lads; a lot done, a lot more to do!