The rise of the CMS, whither the cloud?

Here is an interesting article about the relative strengths of the most popular CMS systems out there:


As regular readers will know drupal is my tool of choice for most of my web development work although I have put many a website together with wordpress too and I really like it. I can readily understand why you might choose wordpress over drupal for a particular job and vis versa. I have developed many large and capable web apps with drupal.


What I find harder to understand is why some web designers and developers slog away with the older web platforms like ASP .NET and JSP etc.


I have developed many such systems but after developing web apps using CMS systems over the last few years I would find it really hard to go back – I don’t think that I could handle the sheer amount of wheel reinvention that is necessary to put anything useful together!


Mind you I have been developing in the cloud lately with Google App Engine and the amount of wheel reinvention that must go on there is quite staggering, but then it is the cloud, so that’s ok….! isn’t it?…. ;-)