Editor Background – TinyMCE & Drupal 6

If you’re using the TinyMCE wsywig editor in drupal then you may find that the editor’s background color gets set to that of your website rather than being the more normal white-ish color – this can cause the wysiwyg editor look like the proverbial dog’s dinner and depending on your websites background color/image, can make reading the text very difficult.


Well, the good news is that it’s easily fixed – in Drupal, go to Adminsiter/Wysiwyg menu and for each import format with which you are using TinyMCE, click ‘edit’. Once in the settings editor click on the ‘CSS’ section and in the ‘Editor CSS’ drop-down choose ‘Editor default CSS’ and save. Do this for each import format and the editor’s background should revert to a calming white.