XML and its related standards and technologies have become central to many of today’s software development activities. We spend a lot of time working with XML and offer a full set of XML design and development services – we usually carry out XML development part of a wider software development project but we are also happy to undertake standalone XML design & development tasks.


Here is a summary of what we do:


XML Format Design & Documentation – Good design is central to the success of any XML initiative, extra attention at this stage can pay major dividends further down the line.  Expressing this design and resulting format using XML Schema iron-clads the design decisions and can make subsequent programming easier via automation.


XML Processing – Reading and writing XML, Integrating XML into a new or exisiting application using: C++, C#, VB, Java, PHP, Perl, Action Script 3, etc.


XML Transformation & Filtering – Converting XML data into another format, using XSL & XSLT



Please Contact us to chat about out how we can help you with any aspect of your XML requirements.