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Telephone us on: +353 87 223 6429 or email us using:
Telephone us on: +353 87 223 6429 or email us using:

Technical Web Development

Web Designers - do you need help with Web development?

This is a special service that we offer Web Designers who need a bit of help every now again with the more technical or engineering aspects of web site development - Such as Client & Server side scripting or database development.  We can handle the technical side of things and let you get on with the real business of designing, planning and delivering your customers' websites. 

Often these technical or programming tasks are quite small, and have a habit of creeping up on you, and as a result can be a bit of a pain to outsource due the high administrative and time overhead involved - our service skirts around this problem in two ways:


You can block reserve our time - a small or large amount, it's your call.  You pay a small amount up front and the balance when the block has been used up - in the meantime, when you want something done just call or email us, and we'll get onto it!    In this way it doesn't matter how small or large the individual tasks are - the overhead stays at a minimum.

We are Local - your work will not be shipped to an army of coders on the other side of the world in a very distant time zone - just pick up the phone or drop us a quick email to talk to us; it won't take a whole working day before you get a response!

Here are just a few of the things that we may be able to help you with:

The technologies and languages that we work with include:

Web Form Development &  Server Side Script

Client Side Scripting

Custom Content Management Systems (bespoke or built using Drupal)

Integrating Remote Credit Card Authorisation

CAPTCHA Integration

Mashup Creation

Integration of SMS/MMS Text Messaging Functionality

Securing your Webserver

Interaction with systems like Wordpress, phpBB etc.

Server maintenance Scripts - Backup etc.


CGI / Perl


Java Script


Adobe ActionScript 3

MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

Wordpress, Drupal, osCommerce, Magento