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Enterprise Architect – Show parameter names in class diagram

I don’t know what it is about UML editors but it always seem you have to spend more time fighting with them than actually successfully doing and UML modelling for the software that you’re supposed to be developing..


Anyway I was trying to figure out how to get Enterprise Architect to display operation parameter names in class diagrams, and it turns out that this isn’t enabled by default and to switch it on you have to go to the following menu:


Diagram / Properties… / Features


and then select ‘Full Details’ in the ‘Show Parameter Detail’ drop-down, now parameter names should be displayed in your class diagrams…


#Drupal 7 on #RaspberryPi

Class, just found this post that makes mention of Drupal 7 successfully hosted on a Raspberry PI!


Brilliant, it’s like chocolate and mint, my two favourite things brought together, I have have just found myself a new hobby!


Google APP Engine now supports Python 2.7

On Monday Google announced that their cloud platform, Google App Engine now fully supports Python 2.7 which is great news!


More details can be found here:


and here:


Magento, Customized theme not using overridden images

Q: I have created a new skins folder beside my default theme’s skin folder, and placed some images that I want to override into an images sub folder. I have changed the ‘Skin (Images / CSS)’ setting in System -> Configuration -> Design -> Themes to point to my new skins, I have cleared the magento cache about 10 million times, but magento still won’t use my new images, it keeps using the originals…. what do I do?


A: This has caught me out once or twice and I have always forgotten about it by the time it happens again! The problem stems from the fact that the theme css file calls in images using a relative path, e.g.:


body {background-image:url('../images/bg.gif');}


So because the css file that uses your images remains in its original location it will still use your original images, to get it to use your overridden images you must create a css folder in your new skin folder and copy any css files that reference the images into there and clear the cache a further 20 times – hopefully magento will then use your new images!


Have a look here for some more details:


Dries on Drupal 8

Here is an interesting article about Dries’ vision for Drupal 8:


I like the focus on the editorial experience to help people mange content on-line, drupal is great CMS but it can sometimes be quite difficult for non webbies & techies to effectively manage the content on their drupal websites – in fact this really could have been given more attention in d7 (oh well)!


What is also interesting is the recognition that drupal has become more of a web platform than just a CMS alone – that’s how we use it!


Microsoft to take over Nokia? – what would Jim Hacker say?

Recent denials by Nokia that they are about to be taken over by Microsoft brings this line from Yes Minster to my mind:


James Hacker: First rule in politics: never believe anything until it’s officially denied.




Using OpenCV from .NET C++/CLI

I am happy to report that I have had a reasonably easy run of using OpenCV from a .NET C++/CLI project, I was initially worried that the two might not play well together, but so far – so good! I am wrapping some machine vision code that uses OpenCV in a C++/CLI assembly so that I can call it from C# code. I have kept the rather creepy CLI stuff to a minimum it just implements the interface, everything else is vanilla C++ using the standard library.


The only thing I had to do to get rid of build errors was to make sure that each _proper_ C++ file in the project had the following value for the ‘Common Language RunTime Support’ build setting -> ‘No Common Language RunTime Support’!


So if you are toying with the idea of developing some OpenCV based software from within C++/CLI, I say give it twirl it makes interacting with .NET much easier than (say) using COM or similar!


Google Cloud – App Engine SDK v1.6.1 Released

Just catching up with things after Christmas, one thing that escaped my notice in December was that Google released version 1.6.1 of their Cloud App Engine SDK on 13th. of December. There’s not a huge amount of interest really in this release, but two items did catch my eye:


You can now select how much CPU power and memory is available for your fronted instances, you can select this from a small set of presets in the app dashboard – however google warns that selecting a higher preset will incur extra cost! We sometimes run into soft memory limit problems on our frontends so this may be of great use to us, but I do worry about the $$ !


Google have also released a new experimental document conversion API which they say contains OCR functionality – I look forward to testing this and will be very interested to see how well the OCR preforms as it can be a very tricky thing to get right! I suppose that this is an API to the same OCR functionality that they have in google docs….


Oh and they have added an API for programmatically reading the application logs, this may come in handy for automated testing!


More details about the release can be found here:


Best Microsite – Irish Web Awards

Some time ago I posted that some of Pride Design’s websites had got through to the finals of Irish Web Awards but I haven’t posted since to let you know how we got on…..


Well the really good news is that Cheffactor won in the ‘Best Microsite’ category – so we are very happy indeed! Here’s a picture of ‘Webby’ having a well earned pint and tasty nibble at the award ceremony, he can’t half throw ’em back!


pride design - cheffactor winner of Irish web award


Tethras Wins Seedcorn in Dublin Region

Congratulations to our favourite Mobile App Localization company Tethras who won the Dublin round of the seedcorn competition. Best of luck for the finals!