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Magento – Cannot set property ‘disabled’ of undefined error in one page checkout

We hit a strange Magento problem yesterday, on one of our sites the one page checkout stopped working. Once the various fields were filled out on the billing details pane and the ‘Continue’ button was pressed, then the checkout would not progress onto the next pane. Debugging on chrome showed that the following JavaScript error was occurring:


Uncaught Type Error: Cannot set property ‘disabled’ of undefined.


Googling the error produced some hits but no concrete solutions were offered, so we started switching things off one by one to see if we could get rid of the problem…


It turned out that removing the twitter feed from the footer fixed the problem…. who knows why, I’ll try to debug it tomorrow…


I hope this helps somebody in a similar situation.


Realex – Your transaction has been successful but there was a problem connecting back to the merchant’s web site

If your are trying to get realex e-payment integration working on your website and are getting the following message at the end of the realex redirect process:


Your transaction has been successful but there was a problem connecting back to the merchant’s web site. Please contact the merchant and advise them that you received this error message. Thank you.


Then the good news is that most of you integration is working and its just the very last step that’s failing, this means that you have sent to Realex correct values for: Merchant Id, Shared Secret, Account Id, Request URL etc. etc.


Now, nine times out of ten the above error is caused by a badly configured Return or Callback URL, this is a URL that you must tell Realex about by phone or email, Realex redirects back to this URL once the transaction is complete. So there are 3 possibilities why the redirect is failing:


1.) You haven’t yet told Realex what your return URL is. You need to find out what the URL should be and let Realex know, phoning them is often the most efficient route. The URL will depend on which CMS you are using etc. Ask Google for hints.


In ubercat you can get the URL by going to the Realex settings page (Store administration / Configuration / Payment settings / Overview / Payment Methods / Credit Card [realex] settings) and copying the URL from the ‘Realex Callback Page:’ field.


Details about the Magento return URL can be found here.


2.) You have told realex what the URL is but they forgot to configure your account or made a mistake while configuring it – this happens more often than you might think, phone up Realex and get them to confirm that the return URL is set correctly – double check the configured URL it in detail! Do you need to add or remove the www.?


Hopefully it is only a matter of short time before you get everything working as it should!


+441315531100 keeps phoning me multiple times a day…

I have been getting 2 or 3 calls to my mobile from +44 131 5531100 for the last few weeks. The first time I received a call I was suspicious and wary enough not to answer and I haven’t answered any of the calls since as the caller never leaves a voice-mail! It’s all getting rather annoying.


I did some googling on the number and after reading this post (and the comments that follow it), I am very glad that didn’t answer the calls!


I have the number diverting to my voicemail as I can’t directly block numbers on my mobile.


If you start to get calls from this number it is up to you whether you answer and engage, but before you do make sure to do some research and read the above article first!


Underwater Software!

Here is a nice video by the underwater videographer Tony Exall that demonstrates underwater photography using Cathx Ocean solid-state lights. The embedded software that runs on these lights was developed in ANSI C using the GNU Tool Chain (gcc et al.).


Games For the Raspberry Pi

When setting up the Raspberry Pi for the kids I initially found it quite difficult to find any good games to install, the python games are great for learning to program etc, but as video games they are a bit dull.


Then I came across this list of games that was put together by the The MagPi, they have tested them on the Pi – this saves you the hassle of having to weed out the bad or half-working games yourself. The list can be found here:


If you are wondering which games to try for young kids (3->5 years) you might try supertux, it is great fun with good graphics and sound. To get the most out of these games you will need to have audio working, depending on your set-up this can prove tricky but it is worth it!


Kids Drawing and Painting app for Raspberry Pi

If you are setting your Raspberry Pi up for the kids you may have noticed the lack of a bundled paint and drawing app, well not to worry TuxPaint is available for a quick install, just launch a terminal and run the following command to install it:
sudo apt-get install tuxpaint
Then you can launch it from one of the program folders off the main menu (can’t remember which!)


Happy Christmas! Have fun with your Raspberry Pis!


Python & Web2py for Smart Camera user interface?

I am currently in the planning phase of the software build for a new machine vision smart camera. The camera will have an ARM soft core and will run linux. Part of the planning involves thinking about a user interface to control and configure the camera – at the moment I am leaning towards an HTML5 based interface built using python, web2py (or flask) along with a twitter bootstrap based theme.


I did briefly toy with the idea of bringing node.js into the mix, but I just can’t bring myself around to the idea, I have a love hate relationship with javascript, that sometimes leans more to the ‘hate’ end of the spectrum!


Now here’s the fun bit – I don’t yet have my hands on the camera hardware so I think I will try to run up a proof of concept on my raspberry-pi!


Although the pi will be a good bit less powerful than the smart cam it should provide a useful reference point…


Put this little fella to work!


Attaching files from google drive to a mail in gmail / google apps

Here’s something that I discovered today, google has quite recently made it possible to directly add files from google drive into your emails as attachments (or more specifically, attached links), more details can be found here.


But in summary, hit the + at the bottom of the email editing pane, and then click on the icon that looks a bit like a recycling logo…


Google apps are getting better all the time! wins ‘Best Arts Website’ in Irish Web Awards 2012 #webawards12

Congratulations to our buddies at PrideDesign who have just won another award for their work – the website which they designed and built for the Cork Opera House won in the ‘Best Arts Website’ category at last night’s Irish Web Awards 2012!


Well done to all involved!


RaspberryPi & Lego ‘super-computing’ cluster!

Fantastic! The University of Southampton have created a ‘supercomputer’ cluster from a load of RaspberrryPis and some Lego, The Register writes about it here:


I think it’s the Lego that makes it!