Enterprise Architect – Show parameter names in class diagram

I don’t know what it is about UML editors but it always seem you have to spend more time fighting with them than actually successfully doing and UML modelling for the software that you’re supposed to be developing..


Anyway I was trying to figure out how to get Enterprise Architect to display operation parameter names in class diagrams, and it turns out that this isn’t enabled by default and to switch it on you have to go to the following menu:


Diagram / Properties… / Features


and then select ‘Full Details’ in the ‘Show Parameter Detail’ drop-down, now parameter names should be displayed in your class diagrams…

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  1. Adrian
    Adrian says:

    I agree 100%, and specially Enterprise Architect (EA) is user-friendless to a level in which it start to become a mystical challenge to make something (and to survive the stress)

  2. Dave Comer
    Dave Comer says:

    Note that in Architect 13, you muse select the design menu item, then go to the “diagram” ribbon select “manage” and then select properties per your instructions. Microsoft really threw me into a tizzy with the stupid ribbon “bling”, but that’s my problem I suppose.

    Although Enterprise Architect can be a PITA, and I agree with your comment on fighting the editors, I found that it is better than MagicDraw so far.

    Thanks for the tip :)

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